Retail Visual Merchandising Services

Merchant Initiated Returns (MIRs)

Every major retailer has a method to return product back to the vendor or to another designated location. These are typically called chargebacks. Most often these occur when planograms reset and discontinued items need to be shipped out of the stores. In Target, for example, there is a very tight window in the stores for completing a charge back. Some stores usually have one week to process each MIR and the store is penalized on their store's report card (DTK) if a charge back is processed late. If the MIR is not processed within that week you are at risk of stores not wanting to re-open the charge back. These missed items will occupy space in the backroom and will tie up inventory dollars. Within a short period after the MIR closes these items will no longer scan properly at the checklanes.

RMS compliance on MIRs during the scheduled week is over 98%.

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Count Updates

Count integrity issues have severe consequences which include not getting credit for sales and product replenishment being blocked due to the system incorrectly showing product is on hand in the stores.

Retail Merchandising Services reps can work with the store to correct your count integrity issues. Not only can we physically correct any barcode issues (see Item Corrections section), we'll complete an inventory count of your product both on the salesfloor and backroom. If the item is erroneously scanning as a different item, Retail Merchandising Services reps will complete a physically inventory on that item too.

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Item Corrections

Do you want a pain free way of correcting a painful mistake? We all know item issues like incorrect packaging (verbiage, labeling, etc.) and incorrect UPCs happens. Retail Merchandising Services can help relieve your heartache. Our reps have done numerous services involving removing/correcting packaging, placing labels over incorrect verbiage and UPCs. We can even source new labels for you; possibly saving you valuable time and money. After correcting the issue, we can also update the counts if there are concerns the counts are off due to an incorrect UPC.

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Instant Rebate Coupons (IRCs)

Increase sales by placing Instant Redeemable Coupons or neckhangers on your product.

Planogram Maintenance

Ensure your new planogram is properly set, full, labeled, and signed.

New Planogram or Test Audits

Have peace of mind that your new product is set and fully stocked on the sales floor, without bothering store teams.

Retail Merchandising Services can do even more for you

The above is certainly not an all-inclusive list of the retail and visual merchandising services we provide. Here is a sample of other types of services we can provide:

  • Safety recalls and corrections – ensuring product is off the salesfloor and correcting wording on packaging in a timely manner
  • Fixture/ signing surveys – ensuring fixtures and signing are up, in the right location, and reporting results back to vendor
  • Interactive display audit and maintenance – replacing batteries, ensuring displays are functional, replacing parts on displays, etc.
  • Endcap set and maintenance –setting endcaps, ensuring endcaps are set, full, and labeled, and ensuring endcaps remain set and full during a test or salesplan period
  • Perfect Placement set-up – ensuring displays are set and maintained
  • Any other service in which you need hands on help in retail stores


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