New Planogram or Retail Audits

Are you concerned your new planogram or adjacency is not set? Are you testing new product and want to ensure it is on the salesfloor? Let Retail Merchandising Services do a retail audit for you. Our reps understand planograms and adjacencies and can complete retail audits without bothering store teams, giving you a sense of security that your new product is set and fully stocked on the salesfloor.

Store Audits Combined with POG Maintenance

Many of our clients will combine a store audit with a POG maintenance service meaning our reps will ensure it is set, full, labeled/signed, and the counts are correct. This is an easy way to ensure your product is out on the floor. Retail Merchandising Services can also do pricing audits (ensures the POG labels and/or signing elements tell the guest the price of your product) and product quality audits (replacing incorrect parts, changing out displays, etc.). Let Retail Merchandising Services be your eyes in the stores.

Learn how RMS reps helped recent clients with retail store audits