Retail Merchandising Services & Solutions Success Stories

Merchant Initiated Returns (MIRs)

Target reached out to Retail Merchandising Services to assist in completing 7 MIRs in Electronics on select cell phones. Every week for a total of 12 weeks a different group of stores were scheduled for these MIRs. Retail Merchandising Services reps in these groups of stores completed the MIRs each week by processing them on their own through the use of a RF unit and having access to the Electronics stockroom. Retail Merchandising Services reps processed over 50,000 cell phones on the MIRs throughout the 12 weeks so Target could receive credit back from the vendor on those items returned.

99% completion rate within 7 days and 100% completion within 10 days

Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs)

 A new vendor contacted RMS for an audit of their sidecap in Health & Beauty as well as applying an Instant Redeemable Coupon pamphlet. The sidecap was being tested in 50 stores. RMS was asked to ensure the sidecap was set and if it was set and in the appropriate location to drive sales. RMS reps stocked the sidecap full by checking for backroom locations. RMS reps attached an IRC coupon pamphlet to each sidecap. A couple of months later, the same vendor contacted RMS again and said they expanded to 250 stores as a test and asked us to perform the same service! Beginning early 2012, the product is in stores and RMS is once again working with the vendor to drive sales!

99% completion rate within 7 days for both services

Count Updates

A retailer reached out to Retail Merchandising Services to complete an inventory count on the reading glass POG by the Pharmacy area. This is a very labor-intensive fixture for the stores to maintain. The service entailed following a POG to ensure it was set correctly, zoning all of the glasses to planogram, doing a complete inventory count, creating POG labels if missing, and stocking as necessary. Retail Merchandising Services reps worked closely with the store to verify counts on all reading glasses. The retailer saw an immediate lift in replenishment orders once the counts were updated in the system. The success of the initial count update service prompted the buyer to engage Retail Merchandising Services twice each year to complete the same service.

99% completion rate within 7 days

Planogram Maintenance

A major small appliance vendor has contacted RMS several times to perform planogram maintenance on several small appliance displays. RMS reps verified if a new model was displayed, verified if new SKUs were displayed, and also applied Point of Purchase (POPs) to select small appliances. If a particular display was not present, reps located boxstock for the small appliance and got it displayed. RMS reps also ensured a price point sign and label were present for each item. RMS continues to have a great relationship with this small appliance vendor and has earned service business from the vendor in other areas of the store as well!

98% completion rate within 7 days and 100% completion within 10 days

New Planogram or Test Audits

 A retailer contacted RMS regarding a new set in Electronics involving the TV wall, sound bars, and sound docks. RMS helped verify if the correct sign talker was present for select TVs and if not the RMS rep installed one. Reps also audited and tested four sound bars and four sound docks working with the store if they were not set correctly or not functioning. RMS reps also changed the "vivid mode" on a select TV by going in to the "menu" screen on the TV and ensuring it was set correctly. The retailer was very pleased with the effort given by RMS reps and expected stores to be more prepared for the Holiday season! RMS has performed audits on the camera and camcorder POG as well in preparation for the busy Holiday season!

98% complete within 7 days and 100% completion within 10 days

Item Corrections

 A retailer reached out to RMS to identify a smooth way to transition select Kids Room Décor items from one department and class to a new department and class. RMS worked with the retailer to determine how the conversion to the new department would occur. RMS received new UPC and DPCI stickers for over 60 SKUs of products and applied the new stickers to the items in all stores. This service took multiple hours over the course of 2 weeks in each store. RMS reps reticketed 241,000 units. The service allowed stores to be able to successfully execute the conversion and transition on the Kids Room Décor items. The results of this item correction have allowed RMS to remain a partner with the retailer on two larger Domestics conversion in 2012!

98% complete within 7 days and 100% completion within 10 days


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